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Information about the library


The Library, which also performs the functions of county library, has 22 employees, who work in 17 posts. The Library and its five branches have over 120,000 volumes and nearly 6,000 readers, who borrow 110,000 books every year. In the management, a great emphasis is laid on community cooperation and marketing activities.

The Library renders a great variety of cultural services based on the especially developed programme “Find your Place in the Library", which is aimed at the whole population of the town and the district. Some of the events which are organized at the Library include: the University of People who are Curious about the World, the Śrem Poetic Previews, the Śrem is Laughing cabaret tournament, meetings of the Book Discussion Club and the club My Hobby. The Library offers public access to the Internet, and the handicapped can learn how to operate a computer free of charge. Free legal advice is also given. Young people develop their talents in the Poetic Harbour, there are classes in ecological education, and the Fantasy Club popularizes fantasy literature. The Library also supports the folk band Śrymioki and the blues band Kapstel. Children aged 1 to 4 have their meetings during Toddlers’ Mornings, take part in theatre performances on the Toddlers’ Stage, and spend a fairy tale evening and night in the Library during Andersen’s Night. In the town and the district, the Library organizes a lot of open air actions promoting reading.

In 2007 the Library received first prize for the best programme of marketing activities in the competition The Library of Tomorrow – Today, which was organized by the Provincial Public Library in Poznań. The University of People who are Curious about the World received the Śrem Giraffe award for one of the most interesting initiatives in the district. In 2008 the Library took second place in the nationwide competition for the best programme of the Libraries Week. The Library effectively raises extra-budgetary funds from sponsors and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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